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After Hours is currently recruiting the following:
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Marksmanship (1)
Arcane (1)
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Elemental (1)
Destruction (1)
Arms (1)
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Welcome to After Hours Homepage we are a icc raiders guild and we are a close knit team on achieving our goals  as we raid on Fri. and Sat. late nights so come join us we run a loot council for our full guildie runs.

Guild Ranks*

Guild Master: Oversees the guild, actives, and well being of all guild members

Founding Member (5): In absence of the Guild Master will take post until the Guild Master is back.

Senior Officer (1): Highest rank of Officers, assists the Guild Master in all day to day activates and help coordinate guild events and helps ensure that all things go well and to take over if the Guild Master is unavailable.

Officer (4): Second rank of Officers status, assist in coordinating calendar events and assist in day to day activates and help with the new recruits  as well as assume a lead position when none of the higher ranks are on.

Junior Officer (5): First rank of officer status who's responsibility is to deal with all public disputes and assist in day to day activates and events

Raid Lead (4): To be raid lead you MUST know all fights all mechanics and the best ways of game play for each and every event and for each type of role as well.

Class Lead (one per class): To be Class Lead you must show an exceptional understanding of your class and be willing to help any other of your class without hesitation. First you must know all the spec of your class regardless of your own spec as well as knowing best game play, gem, gear, and enchants and rotations.

Veteran: To be a Vet. you show your dedication and greater teamwork skill among your peers and are always there and on time to the events.

Member: Entry level to the guild and is not yet proven ready for that next step.

Dunce: Your in the bad box, you can't do a thing but hear G chat.


     *ranks are subject to demotions via a vote after a period of inactivaty    










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Shimegami262, Aug 19, 10 2:55 AM.
We request only a few thing and thats:1. Know your class, Know how to take charge and be a good person and player.
2. Please have Deadly Boss Mods, Pally Power (for pallies), and Decursive for all who can remove some type of debuff.
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